Welcome to Eatons Hotel. 

It's important all our patrons understand that business is not back to normal just yet.


- Patrons MUST do a digital sign in and provide contact details upon entry regardless of purpose

- Patrons MUST remain seated whilst consuming alcohol and whenever else possible

- Refrain from mingling and ensure social distancing is practiced 

- Bookings & groups cannot exceed 10 people

- Pool table & jukebox not allowed to be used

- Kids room not allowed to be used 

We appreciate your co-operation and assistance during this challenging time.

Let's work together to stop the spread!


Eatons Hotel is owned and operated by the Ryan family, Philip + Kyua Ryan & Daughter Amelia.

Since taking ownership they have completely transformed it.

Over the last 15 years they have worked exceptionally hard to establish a stellar reputation

for delicious food, drinks and a friendly atmosphere that welcomes all.

The hotel is spacious and offers a large bistro and seperate dining room.

The bar has a huge selection of beer and cider on tap plus great local wines & creative cocktails.

On top of that there is a mezzanine pool room with jukebox, VIP lounge, huge flatscreen for enjoying live sport

and a pet friendly beer garden.



Eatons Hotel is a state heritage listed building, originally built in 1839, back then it was called The White Hart Inn.

Until 1866 rolled round with new ownership it became Eatons Hotel and has been ever since.

Eatons Hotel is rich in memories but few photos have survived - see some classics below. 

The hotel has undergone many renovations and repairs in its long life. Most recently an extensive restoration took place in 1996 and a huge renovation in 2007 which seen the hotel completely renovated and repaired internally.

A large extension was added to the rear which doubled the venue in size.

It embraces its moody heritage features including lead light windows and pressed metal ceilings while the extension provides a beautiful modern venue with plenty of natural light that feels spacious & timeless. The combination blends seamlessly. 

Sadly, the exterior is still awaiting its turn for some much needed attention.

As at June 2020 approvals are pending from the state heritage council for the new facade colour scheme and repair work so it can finally have its makeover. Watch this space folks! 

Please check out our photo gallery for more photos of the hotel. 

 Eatons Hotel, 188 Bridge St Muswellbrook NSW 2333 Australia Ph: 02 6543 2403